Rotoscoping Services

Rotoscoping Services

Enjoy hassle-free best rotoscoping services!

What is rotoscoping?

Pixel Edge design studio is providing you cutting-edge solutions is business and film. With rotoscoping, we offer you realistic action sequences. Our areas of services are:

  • Business
  • Film studios
  • Individual filmmakers

Rotoscoping is a time consuming and fragile technique. It is one of the oldest methods used in cinemas. And only the professionals can perform it precisely.

We define rotoscoping as the tracing of live-action sequences. And with the help of this tracing:

  • We create realistic animation
  • Add or remove elements from video footage
  • VFX effects
  • And many more

How does rotoscoping work?

Rotoscoping plays a vital role in creating visual effects. And it would be best if you always had rotoscoping experts for VFX. It is because almost all movies and T.V shows use visual effects.

Good rotoscoping needs patience. Because rotoscoping is a tough and creative task, and it may take hours or even days to complete. It all depends upon the requirements of the job.

Rotoscoping will be much more comfortable with blue and green displays. But it is not possible to use blue and green displays in every shot. Thus it would be best if you always had proficient rotoscoping artists.

A rotoscoping artist is familiar with the know-how of roto software. And they trace objects with the help of that software. Thus, rotoscoping helps you to trace elements in the video to create animation.

Benefits of working with Pixel Edge design studio:

At Pixel Edge design studio, we offer cutting-edge animation solutions. And we hire experienced and skilled rotoscoping artists. Besides, we have a team of multimedia artists and qualified animators. Thus, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality rotoscoping services.

Our strongest points which provide us an edge over our competitors are:

  • High-quality
  • Affordable Prices

Let us make you go through our essential qualities so that you know your path:

  • Our rotoscoping serves accessible communication with viewers.
  • We use the latest software and animation technology.
  • Our ideal purpose is to provide you complete satisfaction with our work. That’s why we only hire professionals for image and video editing.
  • We can incorporate multilingual designs in animated rotoscoping production.
  • Besides, rotoscoping our animators offer high- quality onion-skinning and morphing services.
  • We deliver projects on scheduled time.
  • We’re 24/7 ready for extra changes. And we’re happy to provide you as many revisions as you want.
  • Pixel Edge design studio is ISO-certified to provide you with their best services.

Customized Rotoscoping Services:

Pixel Edge design studio offers customized rotoscoping services. And this way we try to achieve all your ideas. We offer:

  • Motion Blur Matte:
    At Pixel Edge design studio, we create a track matte. And then, add blur motion for reducing the dragging of pixels.
  • Nuke or Silhouette splines:
    We offer both Nuke and Silhouette splines as per your needs. These splines contain easy-to-use rotoscoping tools. And these can create key frame-able notes.
    With their best services, our experts create articulate animations for you.
  • Special VFX effects:
    With our best VFX services, we create realistic visual effects. And our professional artists offer you pixel-perfect rotoscoping. Thus, our artists have the experience of creating viral videos for you.
  • Stereoscopic conversions:
    Stereo conversions are quite affordable techniques. With rotoscoping, we convert 2D animation or live-footage to 3D. And our stereo artists know the details of roto stereo. Hence, we’ll deliver your matchless projects.
  • Matte Painting:
    At Pixel Edge design studio, we blend matte paintings with rotoscoping and VFX. And this process will provide you the best visual effects.

Customized Rotoscoping animations:

We use various customizable and latest rotoscoping techniques. Such as:

  • Matte creation
  • Effects painting
  • Cloning and paint touch-up
  • Motion tracking
  • Stereo workflow
  • Stereo conversions

Outsource Rotoscoping to Pixel Edge design studio:

Outsourcing rotoscoping to Pixel Edge will result in several successful routes for you. It is because we offer the best rotoscoping services with our expert roto artists. Besides, our goal is to provide you high-quality services at affordable prices. Count our qualities as:

  • Creativity
  • Experience
  • Patience

Thus, we can convert your simple videos into phenomenal animations. So contact us today and get a free quote within one business day.