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For the website users, visual display of content is easy to digest, instead of reading it. We understand the needs of the changing marketing world. And we provide the best storytelling services through explainer videos.

Explainer videos are the newest in the market. And they can provide instant information.

What are explainer videos?

Explainer videos are usually for 45 seconds to 2 minutes. And they explain your company’s products and services through storytelling techniques. Moreover, it gives a proficient touch to your brand.

At Pixel Edge design studio, we explain your brand products/services easily. Our storytelling skills will increase your audience retention rate.

Benefits of explainer videos:

Explainer videos are a healthy ingredient for the business. If you’re new to the term, look at their benefits to know what you can extract from them.

They provide visual information:

Information leaves better marks when it is visual instead of telling it. And your audience is going to remember it for a long. It is because if you’re talking about a service or product you’re offering, you’re going to use a lot of technical terms. You’re already familiar with the services or products. But maybe you’re customer is new to that terms. So you have to explain according to the knowledge of customers and not of yours.

With the help of explainer videos, your customers can easily understand your services. As a result, they may shop from you.

  • They increase your sale rate:

    At Pixel Edge design studio, we suggest strategies that increase your sale rate. And explainer videos is one of them. They have the potential to show customers exactly what they need. And eventually, they can increase your conversions.
    Most of the customers divert towards your brand after watching explainer videos.

  • They are a way for your SEO Ranking in Google:

    Explainer videos engage your customers and make them stay on your page for long. So, it helps Google to check your SEO Ranking. That is how explainer videos bring your page/website to life. And eventually, your online business will rank higher.

  • Areas of expertise of explainer videos:

    The area of expertise of explainer videos is vast. Generally, it benefits all industries providing services/products.

Check out our number of essential examples below:

Retail Business:

  • How you manufacture your products?
  • How do your products work?
  • Where to use your products?
  • How you provide your services?
  • What is others experience with your products?

Corporate Business:

  • What is your strategy for the upcoming quarter?
  • What is your achievement until now?
  • Answer all questions about the products/services you offer
  • You can create how-to videos for your potential customers


  • A quick introduction
  • Explains what services and products you offer?
  • And how you help your customers?

Apps and Software:

  • Highlight important details about your App or software
  • A short demo of how-to-use your App


  • How your tech product functions
  • What is the potential outcome of your product?
  • How to use and upgrade your product

Services we offer:

Choose wisely and select the Pixel Edge design studio for high-quality explainer videos. We also deliver your complex projects in a simpler manner. And our professionals can work under pressure. So they can provide videos on critical due dates.

Furthermore, we will provide videos in your viewers’ language. Plus, we allow you to choose between different styles of animated videos. So that you can choose according to your business and the services you provide. Moreover, our professionals will offer you an excellent script for your videos.

Our mission is your success. So let us know about:

  • Your Industry
  • Your competition
  • Ideas
  • And your Goals

We will work together to make your objectives come true.

Why you should hire Pixel Edge Experts?

Finally, We offer:

  • Budget-friendly videos
  • Deliver projects on time
  • Never disclose your ideas
  • Excellent script writing
  • Track the whole project and provide unlimited revisions

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