Chroma Keying Services

Chroma Keying Services

Be a part of beautiful locations without even going there!

At Pixel Edge design studio, we offer the best Chroma keying services. And help change the background of your videos or images. It will save you a considerable amount of time and money. And this is because you don’t have to travel to far-off places to shoot. We’ll help you edit the background.

Though editing background may sound easy, it’s a tricky task. And only professionals can help you achieve a realistic look. Thus, for 100% guaranteed editing, choose wisely.

What is meant by the Chroma key?

Chroma key is a technique to change the background of an image or a video. Most often, this technique is used in the film industry. In the film industry, we film the characters in front of the green of blue screens. And then, replace those screens with other frames. Plus, there are two ways of changing background frames:

  • In post-production
  • In real-time

Why should you choose green or blue screens in Chroma keying?

There are many factors about “why to choose green or blue screen.” But the most important are:

  • We have to make sure that the color we want to change doesn’t appear anywhere else in the video. And green or blue are the rare ones. That’s why we choose green or blue. And then, it becomes easy to edit.
  • Another reason is that we have to choose a color that is opposite to the skin tone. And that is blue. So if you select blue, it’ll be easy for you to edit.

Benefits of Chroma keying services:

  • Time-saving:

    In video production, Chroma keying services are the most time-saving services. Because you don’t have to travel to the desired location. You can bring the site to you with our best Chroma keying services. Besides, you can create desired locations with the help of our designers. So if you have an imaginary place in your mind for your video. Then, contact Pixel Edge design studio. We’ll provide you the best services in a short time.

  • No Weather conditions:

    With Chroma keying services, you don’t have to worry about the weather. Because you can shoot videos inside. And then, you can change the frames according to your needs. So you can say a minimal amount of conditions or no conditions apply for Chroma keying.

  • More Economical:

    Chroma keying services are the cheapest one in video production. Because these services save your transportation expenditures. Plus, at Pixel Edge design studio, we have our studio ready 24/7. And we press the record button whenever you want it.

  • Variety of options:

    Chroma key offers you a variety of options. And you have endless background choices. For instance, you can choose a video or an image in the background. Plus, you can select some graphic design as well.
    Besides, it all depends on you, either you want a real location background. Or we can create a fiction background for you as well.

  • Versatile technique:

    Chroma keying is a flexible technique. And you can get whatever you want. Or in other words, it converts impossible into possible.

Chroma key services we offer:

  • Consultation:

    At Pixel Edge design studio, we always star building from the roots. First of all, our professionals discuss your ideas with you. And then, we start working on them. We take great care of your requirements and our suggestions. We’re sure that together we’ll make a great team.

  • Background:

    While Chroma keying, the background comes first. Usually, we use blue or green colors in the background. But we do have a variety of other options as well.

  • Lighting:

    For effective Chroma key services, lighting is the most significant factor. And this is because it enables the computer to distinguish between colors clearly. Besides, setting the lighting in the right way is an expensive and complicated task. And only professionals can do it best. At pixel Edge design studio, we hire the best Chroma key professionals. And they know well about the lighting of the studio.

  • Software:

    The last and post-production step is the use of the software. And with the help of software, we remove the background. This removal usually takes place in three stages:

    • Converting background into transparency.
    • Processing of remaining color pixels.
    • Adding gradient transparency to every pixel.

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