3D Animation

3D Animation India

Create 3D realistic animations for you.

At Pixel Edge Design Studio, we offer matchless quality animations for you. Our professionals have animation expertise in a wide range of industries. And they start building your ideas right from the roots. We begin with the concept of designing and end at final compositing. And this way help you enjoy the best 3D animation services.

What does 3D animation mean?

At first, we used to animate objects in 2D space. Then, with the advancement of technology, we started animating objects in 3D. And this means that now objects can rotate and move. In simple terms, 3D gives images and graphics a realistic appearance. And it is the heart of gaming and virtual reality. Plus, corporate companies do use it as well to add flair to their presentations. Besides, you can use 3D in:

  • Commercials
  • Movies
  • Televisions

With 3D, you can create ever-lasting characters. And it is the heart of marketing strategies. So it has a variety of usage in almost all the industries.

Why should you work with Pixel Edge?

Pixel Edge Studio Company is setting new standards in the 3D animation industry. Our 3D animation videos are a blend of matchless quality and aesthetic ideas. And we hire passionate and dedicated animators. With our services, you can promote your products/services. All with high resolution and at affordable pricing. Because we serve a range of industries with:
Marketing Agency

  • Interactive storyboard.
  • Character designing.
  • Company presentation.
  • Virtual tours.
  • Corporate videos.
  • Explainer videos.
  • And many more.

We will provide you with an edge over your competitors with our 3D animation videos. And will take care of your animation process. At Pixel Edge Design Studio, we hire trained designers and animators. And they well about advanced technologies and software. Besides, our customer services are transparent and friendly. And we offer affordable packages for your 3D animation videos. Plus, we deliver hand-drawn projects with full copyrights.

Three Dimensional Services We Offer:

  • Conceptualizing and storyboarding:

    At first, our professionals discuss your ideas and objectives with you. We take great care of your concepts. And we add our suggestions to your thoughts as well.

    At Pixel Edge Design Studio, our professionals offer unique and innovative concepts. And these concepts help you with your brand promotions. Besides, we have enough expertise to convert these concepts into storyboards.

  • 3D modeling:

    Secondly, we model or shape your concepts into a 3D model. And we take good care of the details that make animation move and communicate.

  • Texturing:

    Our skilled professionals have 3D animation skills at their tips. And they texture the 2D images into 3D models. Also, we are well-known for delivering precise requirements. And we help you to communicate well with your audience. Hence, we help you stand out with our 3D animation videos. We offer 3D videos for:

    • Whiteboard animation
    • Video animation
    • Corporate video animation
    • Animated marketing videos
  • Rigging:

    Our team is a special blend of professionalism and flexibility. First, we set up skeletons for animation. And then, we bring those skeletons to life. This process of animation is rigging. And we are best at it.

  • Animation:

    At Pixel Edge Design Studio, we bring life to the image and graphics in 3D space. These images and characters then appear realistic. Because they move and rotate. Thus, we are best at creating virtual reality for you.

  • Lighting:

    Our designers and animators not only work on characters. But also on the whole surroundings. And this way we bring the environment to life. Thus, we assure a realistic and aesthetic scene to you.

  • Addition of Music:

    3D animation may not appear good without music. Because music and sound add a variety into the 3D videos.
    We have a pool of skilled voice over artists. And we add life to your characters. Plus, we select the best sounds for your videos.

  • Editing and Compositing:

    We run many checks on every step. And then we put everything together. We make sure about quality and synchronization. Plus, we take care of every detail, from editing to special effects. And then, after rendering the whole 3D project. We export the project right at the scheduled time.

So if you’re looking for high-value and top-notch professionals, you’re at the right platform. Thus, Call us +919599257351 or contact us today. And also get your 3D realistic animation project done.