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Our team is talented, hard working and loves what they do. We are experts at taking your vision and bringing it to life with beautifully designed motion graphics. Motion graphics are graphics that are in motion. Motion graphic designer uses video footage, animation technologies to create the illusion of motion. Videos are easily to grab a person’s attention. His/her eyes are more likely to find something that is moving on screen than one that is stationary. Videos are especially useful when one wants to demonstrate products, services, events that are not easy to show your clients.

Motion Graphics Design Production Company Delhi, India

Harness the power of interactive video to engage your desired audience

Video Openers

Pixel Edge Design Studio presents its blazing motion graphic design service, which functions as a visual introduction to digital films and videos in general. This cinematic intro gets fully customized to your individual needs and can be placed at the beginning of your video blog, official music videos, webisodes, mixtape/album/DVD movie trailers or any digital video footage for branding purposes. The video intro can be enhanced with background music and sound effects and may be any time length the client desires. You’ll clearly see the major impact a high-resolution cinematic visual will have on your videos.

Promotion Trailer creates professional and full customized “Promotion Trailers” for your upcoming webinar, single, album, or event. Your trailer will consist of a series of selected contents from the project being advertised to attract an audience for it. This motion graphic design service will make you look like a professional, presenting your content in a cinematic and high definition (HD) visual video trailer, fully customized to your individual needs at any time length the client desires.

A “Promotion Trailer” generates major awareness and exposure for your visualized content and makes you stand out from the competition.

Corporate videos

Many videos that motion graphic designer made, are intended for a specific purpose in a corporate, B2B, B2C environment, are called corporate videos. It includes promotional videos, and training videos.

Promotional videos

A promotional video introduces your company’s services and/or products. A promotional video will increase brand awareness and customer knowledge of your services and/or products. Promotional videos are ideal for websites, and in-store promotions.

Training videos

Training videos are often using for internal practices. Staffs are asked to watch the training videos before they work in the field. Training videos will decrease the amount of training time that a staff needs and also help the new staff avoid vital mistakes.

Of course that you cannot avoid having good products and services, but also wants you to know that a motion graphic video would clearly communicates your brand identity and product benefits. Consequently, your target audiences would feel a sense of connection, can relate it with your brand and know why they should choose you over your competitors.

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